noiembrie 24, 2008

Anunt important !!!

UPDATE: Magazinul nostru virtual este inchis in aceasta perioada, astfel nu mai avem posibilitatea sa mai facem nici o comanda pentru dumneavoastra! Nici o oferta nu mai este valabila MOMENTAN! Vom redeschide un nou site cu magazinul virtual cu produse profesionale si machiaj profesional. Voi publica pe blog data in care vom redeschide iar daca sunteti abonati veti fi printre primi care primesc aceste super vesti!

Prohibited Items

Flammable Items Carry-on Checked
Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities)
The hazard associated with the recall product is that the aerosol cans can over-pressurize and explode, posing a risk of injury to consumers.

Can I take aerosol can on plane?
If you look at the list of prohibited items to be carried onboard the plane, you will find that aerosol can is listed. The can is under pressure and should there be sudden loss of pressure, there is a good chance the can will explode in flight. The cargo hold is also pressurised, but not as high as the cabin because there is no people there. So, in the cargo hold of the plane, it can explode too.
Any kind of aerosol can is not allowed. It will be a good safety practice if you can check your personal items for such thing before packing. You can always substitute aerosol can for those pump container for your travel kit. You can never tell when an emergency can happen and you do not want to aggravate the situation by your carelessness.

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