decembrie 06, 2008

Noutati de la JOICO - din 2008 si 2009 si in Romania in saloane!!!!

Gama Re:nu Age Defy
- sfideaza-ti varsta cu ajutorul noilor produse profesionale de la Joico, fabricate in colaborare cu laboratoarele Shiseido Hair Research.
Combat: 1. Inalbirea prematura a parului
2. Pierderea in densitate/volum a parului
3. Schimbarea texturii(Maleabilitatii) parului
Produse disponibile:
Fullness&Body - replenishes the perfect amount of vital lipids and proteins to fine, fragile hair, restoring strength and elasticity without weighing it down. Strengthens hair, leaving it significantly more resistant to breakage. Prolongs the longevity and vibrancy of color-treated hair.
- Pre-shampoo Treatment
- Shampoo
- Primer:pre-styling formula provides structure to fine hair building style and body.
Softness&Manageability - Luxurious formula gently cleanses while restoring softness and manageability.Strengthens hair, leaving it significantly more resistant to breakage.
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Primer
Re:nual Serum - Slow down the graying process.Restore hair's soft, silky, manageable texture. Create the optimal environment to grow healthy, lustrous, radiantly youthful hair.
Styling Re:nu - Medium-holding cream provides support, control, thermal protection and manageability.
- Thermal-protecting texturizer defines movement and delivers rich body to fine hair, without a dry or rough feeling.
Gama Design

This sleek arsenal of cutting-edge styling tools dramatically influence hair's movement and condition without weight, flaking or buildup with the Total Defense Complex,™ a breakthrough hair care and style technology.
1. Molding Putty
2. Pliable Paste
3. Gloss Wax
4. Dry Spray Wax
5. Humidity Blocker
6. Forming Polish
7. Texture Spray

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