martie 07, 2009

Va punem la dispozitie urmatoarele produse profesionale pentru vopsit/decolorat.

UPDATE: Magazinul nostru virtual este inchis in aceasta perioada, astfel nu mai avem posibilitatea sa mai facem nici o comanda pentru dumneavoastra! Nici o oferta nu mai este valabila MOMENTAN! Vom redeschide un nou site cu magazinul virtual cu produse profesionale si machiaj profesional. Voi publica pe blog data in care vom redeschide iar daca sunteti abonati veti fi printre primi care primesc aceste super vesti!

Redken Professional Hair Color - Redken Color Gels Permanent Conditioning Hair Color - Redken Color Fusion Advanced Performance Colorcreme - Redken Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss - Redken Shimmer One 20 min. Shine-infusing Color Cream - Redken For Men 10 Min. Camoflage Color - Redken Professional Hair Color Developers - Redken Professional Lighteners - Redken Hair color Application tools

Redken Professional Hair Color Because of its scientific approach to beauty, Redken is a worldwide leader in haircolor.Redken With its innovative and unique haircoloring technology, Redken has created a range of options that are natural-looking and long-lasting.
CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color - CHI infra high lift cream color (BLONDE)- CHI infra high lift cream color (red) - Chi Blondest Blonde Ionic Lightener - Chi Ionic Developer - CHI Organics Tone & Shine Color Enhancing Conditioner - CHI Styling Tools - Color Application Accessories

alte detalii pe
WELLA KOLESTON PERFECT Professional Hair color - Wella Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer - Wella Color Touch semi-permanent Hair color - Wella Color Touch cream lotion DEVELOPER - Wella Color Perfect Hair Color - Wella Midway Couture Demi-Plus Hair color - WELLA Magma Professional Hair color - WELLA Blondor Lightening Powder & Cream

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Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color - Paul mitchell the color - Professional hair color - Paul Mitchel Professional Hair color - PM Shines - Paul Mitchell professional hair color - inkworks - Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color - Color Shots® - Paul Mitchell Professional hair color - the blonding system - Paul Mitchell Backtrack Color Removal System - Color Application Accessories

Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color. Get ready for gorgeous, head-turning permanent hair color with Paul Mitchell the color. Paul Mitchell the colors natural conditioners provide long-lasting, healthy, natural-looking hair color with outstanding shine and condition.
Matrix Logics Color DNA System - Matrix Logics Imprints Demi-Permanent hair color - Matrix Logics Colorcremes Permanent hair color - Logics Hair Lightening System - Matrixs Logics Color Generator Developer - Matrix Logics Hair Products - Color DNA System Matrix

Matrix Logics Color DNA System, at the forefront of modern hair design, Logics is a visionary force other's can only follow. Color DNA System Technology is the intellegence behind a precision system of pure tone color, care, treatment & styling designed to capture color's true identity. Creativity is yours to control with didgital calibration for signature shade compositions.
Matrix SoColor Hair Color - Matrix Solite Developer - Matrix Color Sync - Matrix Color Sync Activator - Matrix Colorgraphics - Matrix Prizms.Plus - Matrix Essentials NoStain 8oz - Matrix Essentials Color Erase 1oz packet - Matrix V Light De Dust Bleach 16 oz. - Color Application Accessories

Matrix Professional Color: Matrix color and texture is available exclusively by professional stylists.*SoColor is the No. 1 professional color brand in the United States and is used in thousands of salons nationwide. With SoColor, there's no guesswork. Just exceptional color results. Advanced dyes deliver clarity and provide excellent gray coverage. The rich Alpha Honey Complex of conditioners adds silkiness and shine for results that are incredibly beautiful.
L'Oreal Professional Hair Color - L'Oreal Professional Majirel Permanent Hair Color -L'Oreal Professional Luocolor Permanent Hair Color- L'Oreal Professional Luocolor Developer 1L

L'Oreal Professional Hair color Majirel, Maji.Lift, Majiblond Hi.B, Hair Color.For natural, to vibrant permanent color results, master the art of creating beautiful hair color. Majirel family brands give you infinite color possibilities to fulfill your color creativity.

Framesi Hair Color - Framesi FramColor 2001 Hair Coloring Cream - Framesi FramColor Futura Permanent Hair Color Creme - Framesi DECOLOR B Powder- 500g - Framesi DECOLOR B CREAM- 150ml tube - Framesi Color Proxima Natural Developer - Framesi Color Ossidorr Hair Emulsified Oxidizer

Framesi Hair Color,For a fashionable service, Framesi offers different types of coloring products, from the traditional oxidizing ones to more direct products, as well as reflecting agents. And also hair bleaching products, oxidizers and effective supporting products for an even more professional treatment.
Joico Vero K-Pack Hair Color - Joico Verocolor K-Pack Hair Color - Joico Vero K-Pack Color Lightening Booster - 2.1 oz.- Joico Verocolor Veroxide Developer - Color Application Accessories

SISTEMUL DE VOPSIRE VERO K-PAK COLOR (VOPSEA PERMANENTA): Noile vopsele (lansate in primavara 2007) contin, pe langa pigmenti de colorare si proteina de baza a parului, keratina ca si Quadramine Complex (complex de hranire). Astfel, cand vopsim parul il si tratam. Pentru aceasta inovatie JOICO a castigat medalia de aur la Premiile Abbie.
Deasemenea keratina si Q Complex se gaseste in toate produsele JOICO:
- vopsele;
- pudra decoloranta;
- produse de tratament;
- styling.
Vopselele pentru par Vero K-PAK Color contin maxim 2 pigmenti, dintre care unul este majoritar. Beneficiile sunt enorme: hairstylistul specialist Joico poate crea culori unice, personalizate, prin combinarea mai multor pigmenti intre ei.
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TIGI - "Colour with style" - TIGI® Colour Creative - TIGI Colour Radiant Gloss Hair color - TIGI® Colour Ultra Lift™ - TIGI® Colour Mix Master™ - TIGI® Colour True Light™ Lightener - TIGI® Colour Activator™ Developer - TIGI Colour Lights Modern Lightening - TIGI® Colour Tools

TIGI Colour introduces innovations in application, processing, client comfort and wearability. TIGI - "Colour with style" is an advanced colouring system containing oxidation modulators, colour retardants, micro-pigments and low ammonia. TIGI Colour does not start to oxidize when mixed with TIGI Colour Activator thus preventing premature colour oxidation.
Goldwell Hair color - Goldwell Colorance Semi-Permanent Haircolor - Goldwell Topchic Hair Color - Goldwell Elumen Hair Color - Goldwell System Pre-Pigmentation -
Goldwell Color Remover for Hair - Goldwell Color Remover for Skin - Goldwell Oxycur Platin Lightening Powder - Goldwell Colorance Soft Color Foam Colorant - Goldwell Topchic Peroxide Developer - 33 oz. - Goldwell Oxycur Platin Ultra - lightening granules - Goldwell Color Tools

Get the Benefits of Professional Hair Color,Great hair color is in an art. So,get out of the box and into the hands of an artist with Goldwell Hair color.

Keune Hair Color - Semi Color-Tinta Color-Tinta 2000 Super Blonde - Keune Semi Color Hair color - Keune Tinta Color Hair Color - Keune Tinta Cream Hair Color Developer

Keune Hair cosmetics is an independent family owned Dutch producer of hair care products.Keune has developed into a multinational company, specialized in high quality, professional hair care products for the beauty industry.

Nexxus Aloxxi chroma Hair color - Nexxus Aloxxi H202 Cream Developer Liter - Nexxus Aloxxi H202 Blue Hair color Cream Developer Liter

Whether you’re going for natural, bold or creative colour, the Aloxxi Chroma Collection provides a variety of glorious Tonal Series and Gem Concentrates for an infinite range of creative possibilities. Aloxxi Chroma offers rich, radiant and long-lasting colours formulated from only the finest Italian pigments. From tone on tone, to covering grey, to lightening and highlighting,Aloxxi Chroma will renew your creativity .Aloxxi Chroma offers the opportunity to formulate five colour services from one tube. Everything you need to provide a complete range of professional colour services is at your fingertips –including what we believe to be the best grey coverage available.
Rusk Deep Shine Bio-Marine Therapy Hair Color - Rusk Deepshine Enhancing Cream Developer - Rusk Scream Color Gel - Rusk Anticurl with Kerashine Conditioning - Color Application Accessories

Rusk Deepshine Bio-Marine Therapy Pure Pigments Conditioning Cream Color from Rusk is a new hair coloring system with shine activators that boost color clarity, cover gray and deep condition with a range of 63 shades, six color modifiers and a Triple Action Clear formulation.Rusk's nano-pigment technology allows Deepshine's color molecules to penetrate strands with lower volume developers and to seal the outer cuticle for long-lasting, brilliant color.
Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes

Cellophanes from sebastian (formaly known as Colorshines) is Peroxide-Free, Alcohol-Free and Ammonia-Free unique-to-the-industry transparent shades. Colourshines uses pure, natural colour pigments that are safely deposited on the hair and provides radiant shine and deep conditioning. Several weeks after a Colourshines treatment, the colour fades away naturally, leaving no regrowth.
BioSilk Liquid Gel Color - Farouk Systems Color Energy Developer - BioSilk® Liquid Gel Color - NN =NATURAL - BioSilk® Liquid Gel Color - S= SILVER - BioSilk® Liquid Gel Color - LIGHT INTENSIFIERS - BioSilk® Liquid Gel Color - DEEP INTENSIFIERS

BioSilk Color contains the highest grades of permanent intermediate dyes and silk. This scientific approach to the art of hair color allows color and silk to be deposited with oxidizing intermediates, thus, resulting in healthy, shiny, longer lasting color.Positive,cationic charged.molecules provide optimum condition.
Fudge Hair Color - Fudge Paintbox Semi-Permanent Hair Color - Fudge HeadPaint Hair Color - Fudge Headpaint Hair Color Catalyst - Fudge Speed Bleach 17.6oz

Fudge Hair Color comes in a variety of hair-raising hues and bedazzling blues that are making news! Check out the rainbow color range of Fudge Paintbox Hair Dyes that go the distance for extreme color. Choose from semi-permanent to last from 3 to 30 shampoos or temporary to wash out the next day the possibilities are endless, use your imagination!
Este indicat folosirea acestor produse numai dupa o vizita la specialist:

Matrix Texture Products/Perms - Matrix Opti Permanent wave collection - Matrix Biolage Waves
Rusk Thermal Str8 - Internal Restructuring System - Rusk Thermal Str8 Internal Restructuring System -Normal / Tinted formula - Rusk Thermal Str8 Internal Restructuring System Resistant / Virgin formula
Rusk Thermal Str8 Internal Restructuring System is an intensive reconditioning therapy system. Also known as the "Japanese Straightening" or "Thermal Reconditioning" system, the Rusk Thermal Str8 Internal Restructing System permanently straightens excessively curly or wavy hair while leaving it in optimum condition. Most straightening products use harsh chemicals, which can leave the hair dry and lifeless. Less caustic products fail to straighten the hair permanently. Rusk Thermal Str8 is a unique approach, which provides internal conditioning and beneficial protection through its combination of Vitamin B5, Soy Proteins, Wheat Proteins and Keratin Amino Acids. The Rusk Thermal Str8 system is then used with the Rusk Ceramic Str8 Iron, resulting in permanently straightened hair that is smooth, shiny and healthy.
Rusk Anticurl with Kerashine Conditioning - Rusk Radical Anticurl with Kerashine Conditioning Curl Relaxer Formula 1 "Original" - Rusk Radical Anticurl with Kerashine Conditioning Curl Relaxer Formula 2, Multi-Dimensional High Lift Tinted and Highlighted Hair - Rusk Radical Anticurl with Kerashine Conditioning Curl Relaxer Formula 3,Resistant - Rusk AntiCurl AntiFrizz
AntiCurl plus Kerashine Conditioning is an improved, technologically advanced service that infuses the hair with phytokeratin,yielding unsurpassed conditioning and luminous shine while building and improving the hair’s strength. Safe, patented technology delivers versatile styling results from frizz-free curl to smooth, loose wave to sleek, shiny straight.
Paul Mitchell Backtrack Color Removal System
Corrective Color:Ideal for use directly prior to corrective color applications even on highly processed hair Custom Control:Allows you to process until desired level of color removal for accurate color correction Mild Formula :Designed to safely and effectively remove both demi-permanent and permanent hair color without lifting the natural color.

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